Special Coatings and Finishes resists environmental aging and corrosive environments

Lightweight (less than 1/3 the weight of asphalt)

Durable (Won't rot, crack, split, break or burn)

Environmentally Correct (made from recycled material and 100 % recyclable)

Energy Efficient

Many styles, colors and finishes

Increases a building's value

Long Life Expectancy

Low Lifecycle cost 

A Single Source Provider
of High Performance,
Environmentally Friendly,
Building Envelope Products
 for the Construction Industry
Welcome To EnviroMetal
EnviroMetal is a full service manufacturer / distributor / developer of high performance building envelope & construction products. We have distributors, contractors, consultants, and strategic alliances that will assist in recommending, designing and installing sustainable, high performance roofing & specialty building products.
ADVANTAGES OF METAL - There is a growing list of reasons for the expanding use of metal in the roofing and construction industry. A metal roofing and/or wall system exemplifies how innovative thinking can use a proven product in an entirely new way. Take a look around you: practically everything you see is made of metal or metal components. From the chair you sit on, to the car you drive, metal provides strength and versatility. Metal is synonymous with strength and toughness. But as a roofing or wall material, strength is only one of the advantages of metal. Now, thanks to innovation, this same durable material has been improved, modified and applied in a new way to meet the needs of the construction industry. Metal is surprisingly affordable due to the fact that a metal roof or wall is a permanent one; the life-cycle costs are substantially lower than conventional materials. For aesthetics, metal comes in a variety of styles and colors to fit your personal preference.
We bring more than 30 years of experience in designing, distributing and installing commercial / industrial roofing systems, metal wall panels & specialty products for the construction industry. We offer the highest performing sustainable roofing solutions and innovative, environmentally conscious products for the building envelope and the construction industry. All of our systems meet and exceed building code requirements and come with the longest, most comprehensive warranties available.
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